Split coil humbuckers give the guitar a wide range of tones and phase reversal that allows the player to choose which coil is selected in single coil mode give this guitara wide range of tones that are easy to access

Like our other custom models this means the guitar has a versatile sound however it's twenty seven inch scale length means it branches the gap between a standard guitar and a bass.

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A custom made baritone electric with interchangeable scratch plates and mother of pearl inlays.

The design of the guitar itself is a blend of vintage and modern with a custom paint finish and contoured lines exposing the bare wood, a look which is mirrored between both body and headstock.

Sedna is a baritone guitar built for versatility, its 27 inch scale over 24 frets gives this instrument huge scope, aesthetically the guitar has a vintage feel with its hand carved tailpiece and matching control knobs setting off the custom blue and walnut body.

  • Body: Solid body, walnut
  • Neck: Walnut and Ebony. 27” scale. 24 stainless steel frets. Bolt on construction
  • Pickups: Scatter wound humbuckers wired for split coil.
  • Controls: 2 volume 2 tone. 3 way selector and single coil toggle for each pickup push pull phase reverse neck pickup/coil selector in single coil mode.
  • Bridge: Schaller Tune o matic bridge and custom tail piece.
Bob Turley (Cosy Studios)

As an ecelectic producer and multi instrument player, I'm always looking to expand my soundset and playing style.

This Baritone does exactly that.. Its altered the way I apporach my guitar voicings, the role the guitar plays in the finished mix and the sounds I create.

Asides, its a beautiful work of art that will run synonymous my personality for the rest of my life.