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Custom Instrument

“Hey big spender!

So you want a custom instrument. To get things started we need to get to know you and your ideal instrument.

The clearer idea you have the easier it will be to realise those ideas but we are here to guide you so don't worry if you haven't made your mind up yet.“

You don't expect to get a custom built guitar without a discussion first do you?!
The most important part! Feel free to provide as much detail as you like, ​​​​​​reference artists and instruments you admire and be as specific as you can. Don't worry if you're unclear, this is just a chance for us to initiate a discussion.


“So you want to make some modifications, great! Modification is a fantastic way to rejuvenate an old instrument both sonically and aesthetically. Please outline your plans here(Make sure you tell us the model of guitar you want to modify) and we will get back to you soon.

Please be aware, Some modifications can be installed by you but others will require the instrument to be delivered to our workshop.“

Select the modifications you would like to discuss
**Disclaimer: you are responsible for providing the correct information about your instrument with regards to fitting, it is extremely important this information is correct as the parts may not fit and you will still be liable to pay